Customised healthcare solutions

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We have developed a range of core solutions that can be customised and integrated for specific client objectives in workflows and IT systems. Our knowledge tools, which are based on published evidence and refined by expert consensus, are an ideal framework that can be customised and adapted to specific business objectives.

1) Medical underwriting recommendations

Milliman’s consultants are involved in extensive India-specific research of disease patterns and impact of medical conditions on the future healthcare costs of individuals. This research has helped us create India-specific medical underwriting recommendations for three different risk appetites of an insurer. These have been developed for 120 frequently occurring medical and surgical conditions. We work with our clients to customise these recommendations based on their risk appetite, management philosophy and approach.

2) Health underwriting management system

Milliman has developed a health underwriting management IT system with an intelligent workflow module and medical risk scoring algorithm. Using our core underwriting algorithm and IT and domain expertise, we have customised the core underwriting business process solution to effectively integrate with the policy administration system and policy issuance system in the client’s IT application. The configurable and customisable framework of our core solution allows us to customise it for specific products, processes and preferences of our clients.

3) Group health rating tool

We have built a customised group health rating tool for Indian insurers. The Microsoft Excel-based tool incorporates more than 30 benefits provided under group health insurance in India. The tool requires minimal inputs for benefit design, demographics and pricing assumptions, and generates premium rate and other exhibits. The tool may also be used by brokers to analyse the impact of benefit design changes on the expected per-member cost of a group.

Some salient features of the tool include:

  • Ability to price 10 employee bands at a time
  • Ability to derive quotes for five different benefit options at a time
  • Incorporates more than 30 endorsements currently in the market
  • Ability to price corporate buffer using most advanced techniques
  • User-friendly interface

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