Health risk assessment tool

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Various corporations and health and wellness companies are actively looking for innovative ways to promote health awareness.

We offer a range of services, including health and wellness content development, and real-time health risk assessments, to help our clients realize their business goals. To help wellness management companies and corporations, Milliman has developed a self-management health risk assessment (HRA) tool that provides customized and actionable recommendations to respondents.

This online tool identifies current and future health and wellness risks of respondents, based on the analysis of a wide range of information provided by respondents, including their health status, lifestyle, family history, work and resident environment, physical activity, nutrition and modes of transportation. The comprehensive HRA tool was developed specifically for India by Milliman's clinical specialists, based on published research.

The HRA tool generates an individual report for the respondent with an overall score, priorities for action and customized self management advice. If used for a corporate company, it generates a corporate report with summary risk profiles of respondents. Insurers, brokers, and wellness companies can develop and implement these initiatives for different corporations as value-add services.

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