Staffing and capacity building

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Milliman’s clients do not worry about temporary personnel gaps or lack of sufficient capacity to handle a project. Whether it is recruiting or training staff, or providing temporary staff support for any period of time, Milliman offers flexible solutions. Clients rely on Milliman to provide assistance when needed, because they know they won’t have to worry about quality or deliverables.

Our expertise and breadth of experience enable us to provide assistance across all aspects of healthcare including actuarial, IT, underwriting, and clinical expertise. We also help our clients to set up work processes, define responsibilities, and develop training programs for knowledge enhancement or capacity building.

Set up actuarial teams and work processes

A leading Indian health insurance company approached Milliman to help recruit and train its actuarial staff and to set up its health actuarial department. Milliman assisted the client through the recruitment exercise and provided a year-long extensive training program to actuarial trainees using both class-room training and hands-on projects. During the program, the students spent a few days per week at Milliman and worked on projects related to pricing, reserving, and reporting. The training also exposed the actuarial staff to project management and peer-review standards.

This project enabled the client to independently and effectively manage future actuarial projects.

Interactive training

A start-up health insurer in India engaged Milliman to conduct an underwriting training workshop for its in-house underwriting team. We designed a two-day interactive training, which included underwriting best practices from across the globe and simulated practice case studies. In the process, we helped the company align how its underwriters supported the firm’s vision and risk appetite.

Next steps