Strategy consulting

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Our strategic consulting work for insurers, healthcare providers, and financial service firms includes projects as varied as financial modellng and forecasting, individual capital assessments, capital allocation, the potential impact of healthcare and insurance regulations, such as PPACA and Solvency II, and the analysis of complex reinsurance strategies. Milliman has completed development of the next generation of simulation-based financial projection software.

In rapidly changing markets, strategic planning is critical. We assist clients in every phase of business planning, from analyzing a company's current position to conducting feasibility studies, assessing new strategies, and ultimately to implementing new initiatives. We leverage  our propriety, simulation-based financial projection software to build reliable financial models for our clients. 

Insurance and healthcare strategic services 

Product design. We analyse new product trends, new customer needs and new regulatory opportunities, propose innovative product design, review contractual and commercial documentation.

Mergers and acquisitions. We assess the synergies between the acquiring company and the target company, ascertain the target company’s development potential, define a business plan.

Market research. We analyze key market features, product types, distribution access, regulatory aspects, and market trends that might generate business opportunities.

Market entry. We define entry strategies, including product and distribution, advice on regulatory issues, support on implementation including administrative and system aspects.

Distribution strategy. We evaluate distribution approaches and sales force performance.

Benchmarking. We help structure of perations, negotiation of distribution agreements, systems and processes, and commercial and operational benchmarking.

Organization. We assist clients in defining systems and processes to optimize financial management, risk management, and product management.

Financial services and business strategy  

Milliman provides a wide array of strategic consulting services for a range of financial service organizations. Our expertise in understanding customer/member behavior and predictive modeling analytics offers our clients deep insight into the key drivers of their businesses, enabling them to develop comprehensive, strategic plans that enhance their business results.


Our information technology experts can assist companies in introducing new administrative or IT systems and can provide actuarial and operational support for these infrastructure projects. We work with clients' IT developers and can help create the technical specifications needed to build faster and more sophisticated systems.